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 Our accounting services consist of: 


1. A comprehensive package of accounting services and personal approach to each client.

We know that all businesses have different needs and opportunities and therefore we try to meet the different needs of accounting services for our clients.

  • Some clients need monthly meetings. In this case, one of our team visits the site, collects the necessary documents every month and answers the client’s questions.
  • Other clients need us to prepare sales invoices for them. In that case, we also prepare the invoices and provide 24/7 online access to them.
  • Preparation of monthly payments for social security, salaries and invoices, if we have passive access to the company bank account.
  • We help and assist if clients have any problems with the bank.
  • We represent our clients before the NRA and the NSSI and with a notarized power of attorney we perform all services on their behalf and they do not need to visit such institutions.
  • Complete confidentiality of information
  • Consulting and conducting the accounting policy of the enterprise, according to the individual needs .


2. The monthly accounting service includes:

  • Accounting for invoices and cash statements. You can always count on our team if there is an error in any document or you need assistance in preparing it.
  • Submission of VAT declarations, VIES declaration and Intrastat.
  • Accounting of all inventories of the company
  • Accounting of bank statements. More and more different payment systems are entering the market, with more favorable bank fees, such as:,, and others. We have experience with them and can advise you and help with registration.
  • The accounting services are performed on the basis of the National Accounting Standards.
  • Preparation of interim and annual reports in accordance with the needs of the company and the manager
  • Submission of annual and monthly declarations to the NRA, the NSI and the Registry Agency, as well as any other state institution.
  • Submission of annual returns for individuals, assistance and consultations in connection with them


3. Our accounting team has experience with clients from different countries. We help them with everything necessary to start a business in Bulgaria and to take advantage of low taxes and a favorable environment.

Tips from your accountant to keep your work running smoothly:

  • Submit accounting documents on time;
  • Trust your accountant;
  • Collect your expense invoices;
  • Issue income invoices within 5 days of receiving payment from the customer;
  • You need to submit all company bank statements;
  • Pay your social security and taxes on time;
  • Give detailed information about everything needed;
  • Check your e-mail